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“In order to kick ass,
you must first lift your foot.”

Jen Sincero

What is the Contractual Basis for a Decision to Deplatform?

Facebook and Twitter’s recent decision to deplatform the former U.S. President has spurred ramifications beyond the expected political fallout and…

woman hugging tree - sustainable business

3 Major Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

“How do you make your business sustainable?” I get asked a lot about how and why I chose to make…

Case Studies

Supreme Court Calls Into Question Arbitration of Employee Claims

In the latest edition of arbitration clause roulette, opponents of arbitration (e.g. employees) got a huge win in New Prime…

horizon, women owned law firm
About Millier Law

Fortune Favors the Bold: Why I Chose to Go Where Few Women Had Gone Before – Law Firm Ownership

I sat in quiet celebration in my office looking out over my desk at the picture of my Sonoma County…