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“In order to kick ass,
you must first lift your foot.”

Jen Sincero

What is the Contractual Basis for the Decision to Deplatform Former President?

Facebook and Twitter’s recent decision to deplatform the former U.S. President has spurred ramifications beyond the expected political fallout and…

woman hugging tree - sustainable business

3 Major Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

“How do you make your business sustainable?” I get asked a lot about how and why I chose to make…

Case Studies

Supreme Court Calls Into Question Arbitration of Employee Claims

In the latest edition of arbitration clause roulette, opponents of arbitration (e.g. employees) got a huge win in New Prime…

horizon, women owned law firm
About Millier Law

Fortune Favors the Bold: Why I Chose to Go Where Few Women Had Gone Before – Law Firm Ownership

I sat in quiet celebration in my office looking out over my desk at the picture of my Sonoma County…